indoor light

Types of linear, panel, decorative lights for office, residential and industrial applications

outdoor light

Suitable for use in urban views, green spaces and outdoor decoration

new product

All kinds of safety emergency lights and rail lights with the possibility of moving along the rails

Kar Andisheh Tabesh Company was founded in 2001, devoting nearly 20 years to the development and manufacture of lighting products, including flashlights, emergency lights, flood lights, track lights, down lights, LED panel lights…

Tabesh with its powerful technology and excellent marketing system, working on providing high quality service to the customers, is growing more and more powerful in lighting industry.

Tabesh care so much about the brand influences and also the satisfactory experience of customers. So we always put a lot of efforts on the products quality and after sales service. We emphasize on applying for the necessary certificates for our target market, controlling every step of the productions and testing before delivery.

توانایی ما در طراحی محصولات80%
قدرت ما در بهینه سازی هزینه ها و صرفه جویی70%
هنر تولید محصولات82%